No, these 5G machines can only be used in the USA. However we do sell hosted machines in the USA that people outside the USA can buy. You will earn 80% of the daily rewards while the host get 20%. You can find more information here: https://heliumdeploy.io/collections/hosted-miners
There is no official exchange as of now. If you'd like to trade your MOBILE token you can join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/q9AgEc6VDt and trade with other people.
You get paid in MOBILE tokens.
After ordering, you should get your items 1-2 days later, we also deliver on Saturday.
As more and more hotspots come online around you this is normal for it to go lower.
You will need 100mbps download, 10mbps upload and under 50ms latency per radio, so 3 radios would need 300mbps, 30 mbps upload and 50ms latency.

These requirements are set to rise in the future. Although not required at the moment to earn rewards, proceed with caution knowing these could be required at any moment.


Hello , I’m averaging 93mb up and down . Wil this support one 5G antenna ? Thanks.

Harry Bowman

Quiero ser host que necesito hacer
Mi teléfono celular 3054911820

elio jesus pichardo

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