Helium 5G Installation Guide

How to Install a Helium 5G Miner

Have you recently purchased a FreedomFi, Baicells, or other 5G Helium miner? Here is a full guide on how to complete your installation. 


Required parts:

* you can substitute cat5 instead of cat6, but not recommended



Quick install rundown:

  • Antennas must be mounted at least 20ft above the ground
  • Antennas have a range of about half a mile with line of sight for usable coverage, 65 degrees horizontal spread and weigh around 10.7 pounds
  • Antennas should be pointed towards highly populated areas such at malls, schools, stadiums, grocery stores. If there are none, use your best judgement to point them towards where the most people would reside such as neighbourhoods. Do not point the antennas in the same direction to overlap coverage
  • Each antenna will require 1 cable run



Taking photos:

After the antennas are installed and won’t be moved again, the most important part will be taking several photos of the install, I suggest taking multiple to avoid the need to go back on the roof. The photos must be clear. These are absolutely required.



Radio Serial:

To avoid confusion, take a photo of the radios serial number to keep track of which photos belong to which radio.



Elevation angle:

To get the elevation angle, use the clinometer or measure app linked at the top of this guide. If using measure, press the level button in the bottom right. If using clinometer  place the phone flush on the centre of the antenna with the ear piece pointed in the direction the antenna covers. -8 in this case.




Azimuth angle:

Visit: https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/calculators/mobileDeclination.shtml#Compass, make sure it has access to the sensors inside your phone, you can test this by spinning around and making sure it moves with you. It’s the same process as above, place the phone on the centre of the antenna with the ear piece facing towards to direction the antenna covers. 69 degrees in this case.



Ground level photos and install:

Photos of the ground level to show how high to antennas are is required



Connect to FreedomFi:

Once the antennas and cables have been ran to the desired location, the last step is to plug in the cables following the diagram below depending on how many antennas you have.


We are now finished the antenna installation.

Give the photos to the client.

Step two: FreedomFi setup


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Que pasa si la antena se monta por debajo de los 20 pies?

Raul Alzate

Can i use this device in Turkey?


I hope you got an office store at indonesia too


How can I get started as an installer so I can afford one for myself ?

Jonathan Kim

We cover all of Florida and the Caribbean so if you need any installs and commission in our territory feel free to get intouch with us .



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